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                  地 址:张家口高新技术产业开发区通泰大街6号
                  电 话:0313-5953535 5953505
                  网 址:www.whbblgb.com
                  邮 箱:sales@parsonszjk.com
                  邮 编:075000


                  公司主导产品为煤矿机械化采煤工作面用刮板输送机、转载机、破碎机、刨煤机等采煤、运输设备,薄煤层滚筒采煤机无人自动化工作面成套输送设备, 薄煤层全自动化刨煤机工作面成套设备,产品共有10大类82个系列500多个规格,刮板输送机的装机功率从40千瓦到4800千瓦,输送能力在150吨/小时~6000吨/小时之间,最大设计长度为400米。同时,公司还向矿山、冶金、工程机械等行业提供工业链条、铸石刮板输送机、防爆电器开关、固液分离压滤机、液压工程缸等产品。与波兰国润(原英国富凯公司)共同投资生产具有国际领先水平的接链环产品;从帕森斯引进的制链技术,生产与国际等同标准的矿用高强度圆环链和其他行业使用的多种系列工业链条,公司已成为全球最大的矿用链制造商和引领者。

                  China Coal Zhang Jiakou Coal Mining Machinery Company (ZMM), situated in Zhang Jiakou, a mountain city on the northern frontier of the Great Wall. It lies to the east of Beijing, capital of China, and join west of two immense coal mine resource in Shanxi, and inner Mongolia. The location cross border between Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic zone and Jin-Ji-Mon area make it have geographical advantage. In 1926, The factory was built originally as a coin mint owned by General Feng Yuxiang and then became a munitions factory of General Fu Zuoyi..After 1949, it was transformed into a professional coal mining machinery factory, which was one of three earliest coal mining equipment suppliers. In 2014, the factory was developed to a subsidiary corporation under the China Coal Mining Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd exclusively-invested by China Coal Group Corporation.

                  The machines produced by ZMM are serious of AFC conveyor, Stage loader, crusher, plough, which are popular either in the transportation system or cutting system during the coal mining process. And also includes complete set of unmanned automatic conveyor,  complete set of fully-automatic plough system on thin seam workface. The equipments are classified into 10 group, 82 serious, 500 dimensions of products with the working power coverage from 40 kilowatts to 4800 kilowatts, transmission capability ranged from 150ts/hr to 6000ts/hr. The maximum designed work length has reached 400 meters. With technology innovative capability, ZMM developed diversity of mining devices including flame-proof eletric-switcher, Solid-liquid separate pressure filter, engineering hydraulic cylinders. With producing capability, It provides not only sorts of construction chains for ore mining, metallurgical plant, engineering works but also top-quality chain connector of which technology transferred from Parsons and produced by Sino-Polish Joint Venture which invested by Gwarant (originally FKI company) and ZMM. With developing capability in producing high tension mining chains and industrial chains, ZMM is granted as the abound mining chain supplying resource and head manufacturer..

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