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                  这种接链环只可处置使用,其外形大小符合DIN22258 Part3 标准要求,并经精心设计,以确保与配套链轮的配合。由于采用较低宽度设计,在同样大小的传送槽中,可采用较大截面链环,从而提高输送能力。

                  V lock for low prifile section is designed for joining mining chains of either round link or compact configuration and F Grade.The tensile and fatigue performance is particularly impressive and has been achieved by careful selection of raw materail containing Cr .Nr Mo and heat treatment during the manufacturing process.

                  The connectors which are for use in the vertical plane only are produced dimensionally in accordance with DIN22258 part 3 and are extremely sprocket friendly where these have been designed with this specification in mind .

                  Because of its low height design and big cross-section,it can improve carrying capacity when adopted in the same kind of transmission system.


                  Size and weight


                  mechanical properties

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